With DJ Serious spending the summer in NYC, Cratery 31 was the first of a series of episodes recorded in advance of his departure. Lots of cool shit this month. I recently found Lee Harris’ “Don’t let your love fade away” left behind in a local spot frequented by many collectors. Known primarily for its funk-tinged a-side, the b-side featured here is a mid-tempo soul banger with an almost reggae-like bounce to it. Kae drops Gal Costa’s “De Um Role” from her rare live LP, while Serious draws for Japanese songbird Kimiko Kasai’s vocal cover of Herbie Hancock’s “Butterfly”. All sandwiched between a healthy helping of Turkish Psych, Brazilian Soundtracks and French Moog. Another hour of vinyl goodness. Cratery 31. Enjoy.

1. Ersen – Gungese Don Cicegim
2. S.O.U.L. – Soul
3. The Moments – Gimme some more
4. Lee Harris – Don’t let your love fade away
5. Yma Sumac – Flame Tree
6. KPM – Incidental Backcloth No. 3
7. Roy Ayers – Hummin’
8. Light of the world – The world is out
9. The Headhunters – If you’ve got it, you’ll get it
10. Moraes Moreira – Se voce pensa
11. Kimiko Kasai – Butterfly
12. Gal Costa – De Um Role
13. Shuggie Otis – XL-30
14. El Chicano – What you don’t know
15. Jean Jacques-Perry – Cat in the night

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  1. SachaMassaGonna Avatar

    Cratery 31 Looks awesome! Can’t wait to hear it brethren! Hope Germany treated you well!…this Cratery session…is so ‘White Album’-like…so mysterious! Blessed Love!

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