The straight up vinyl savagery among the crew seems to be rising exponentially of late. For followers of this podcast, that’s good news for you. It’s not necessarily good news for our collective wallets, but hey – all in the name of music, right? Cratery 29 genre-hops between Mongo Santamaria’s percussive funk, the progressive sounds of the UK’s Julian’s Treatment and Ingram’s jazzy disco sensibilities – like a person moving between different rooms at a really fucking amazing party. A free party. Happening on your laptop. Now. Cratery 29. Enjoy.


1. Fania All-Stars – There you go
2. Ingram – My Sister’s Daughter
3. Los Orientales – La Danza Del Mono
4. Horace Silver – I’ve had a little talk
5. Irene Reid –Hey World, let love in
6. Etta James – All the way down
7. Mongo Santamaria – Forked Tongue
8. The Seven – Girl, Girl
9. Julian’s Treatment – Phantom City
10. Madeline Bell – Comin’ Atcha
11. The Imaginations – Ballad of Matheia
12. The Travel Agency – Lonely Seabird
13. Outlaw Blues Band – Mamo Pano Shhhh
14. Joe Pass – A time for us
15. Missus Beastly – Nothing Again

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13 responses to “CRATERY 29”

  1. cliforis Avatar

    .. ship da goodz .. vanglorious! ..

  2. arcee Avatar

    Thanks hommie. 29 + hours of free heatery and counting. Cratery! Snitches!!

  3. Kooby Avatar

    When you press download it sends you to some encrypted page… Love the crates, Arcee. It would be nice to slap 29 right now. Let me know if you can help. Peace.

    1. admin Avatar

      @kooby have you tried right clicking on the “Download It Here!” link and choosing save link/file as?

      1. admin Avatar

        it should just start downloading by clicking the “Download It Here!” link though…

        1. Kooby Avatar

          It doesn’t work. I can only download via the That only has the old cratery (up to #27)… When I select “downlad here” it sends me to some encrypted page (like i said before).

          1. admin Avatar

            sorry you are having trouble dude. i’ve tested it on opera, firefox, chrome, safari, and internet explorer. i’m not seeing any issues. i can click directly and also right click to save file.

  4. Kooby Avatar

    Thanks for trying. Maybe it’ll just start working some day. Oh well, back to my lightweight crate collection. Peace.

  5. sipreano Avatar

    until you 3 up an all 8-track edition of cratery, yer soft… peace

    1. arcee Avatar

      Not all of us have the power of the Sipreano crates at our disposal. But an all 8-track Cratery would definitely raise the nerdery quotient exponentially.

      1. SachaMassaGonna Avatar

        8-Track Attack!!! Also, don’t be late 78’s special! Om shanti!

        “Cratery is nothing short a bona-fide spiritual experience…absolutely essential for all American citizens”
        – Barack Obama (most recent presidential speech)

  6. Kooby Avatar

    My mixtape is all re-issues and compilations with added crackles. I keeps it real.

  7. sipreano Avatar

    i’m waiting (from my mountaintop perch)…

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