CRATERY 28: 45’s (part 2)

Before DJ’s began coveting 12”s and the mp3 single defined today’s music market, the average consumer would purchase their hits on 45: The original single. Most soul and funk collectors are no strangers to these tiny records which have held the secrets to some of hip-hop’s most famous breakbeats. “Impeach the President” (The Honeydrippers), “Shack up” (Banbarra) and “Synthetic Substitution” (The Melvin Bliss classic featured on this month’s show) were all originally only available on 45 before being reissued countless times on full-length vinyl. The funk 45 phenomenon of the early 2000’s further solidified how much great music was continuing to go undiscovered on this format. This month, Serious, Kaewonder and I dip into our respective 45 stashes to share with you a few of our fav’s. From the sparse funk of The Meters, the pimped out orchestration of Starvue’s “Body Fusion, to the undeniably eclectic banger “Cumbia de Sal” from Colombia, we give you our second full Cratery dedicated to those tiny little records they call 45’s: Cratery 28. Enjoy.


1. Cumbias En Moog – Cumbia de Sal
2. General Crook – What time it is (pt. 2)
3. The Solicitors – Long Journey
4. Dennis Coffey and the Lyman Woodard Trio – It’s your thing
5. Melvin Bliss – Synthetic Substitution
6. The Meters – Here comes the Meter Man
7. Lou Courtney – Hey Joyce
9. Sass – I only wanted to love you
10. L.V. Johnson – I don’t really care
11. Starvue – Body Fusion
12. The Jammers – And you know that
13. Midnight Express – Danger Zone
14. Touch of Class – I’m in Heaven (part 2)
15. Melba Moore – Standing right here
16. Taana Gardner – We got to work it out
17. Johnny Otis – Don’t it make you feel good
18. Robison Kaplan Ltd – Don’t say goodbye

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  1. shifaley Avatar

    Finally I`ve found the place I was searching for!
    Always wanted to discover the roots of contemporary music.
    Thank to Jesse Futerman for his link to this site in facebook.

    Can you please build in an RSS feed or create itunes podcast with your great content.

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