Get rid of that wax in your ear. Now throw some of our wax in your ear. Cratery returns for it’s 27th consecutive month with another hour of musical goodness from the personal collections of Arcee, Kaewonder and DJ Serious. Cratery isn’t just free. It’s free of mp3’s, CD’s, reissues, and compilations. All vinyl. All dope. Here’s another hour of soul, funk, jazz, psych and soundtrack heaters on us. Cratery 27. Enjoy.


1. Sir Edward/Rocky Mountain Willie
2. Gene Russell/Get Down
3. Ray Bryant/Up above the rock
4. Lyn Collins/Take me just as I am
5. Steamhammer/Turn Around
6. Osanna/Preludio
7. Burnin Red Ivanhoe/2nd Floor
8. Bedlam/Raunchy Boogaloo
9. Les Maledictus Sound/Kriminal Theme
11. Air/Sister Bessie
12. Bobby Franklin’s Insanity/Bring it on down to me
13. Fugi/Mary, don’t take me on no bad trip
14. Paul Baillargeon/Moog Over
15. United 8/Getting Uptown (To get down)

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  1. […] had some of the most memorable days of my life simply hanging out w/ the hommie  Kaewonder of  Cratery fame, drinking 40s and hitting the jazz. During these inspiring sessions we always rip though mad […]

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