O.S.W.F.T.Y. = Other Shit We Found This Year
“I kind of went savage this year. I probably crossed more key records off my want list than any year past. And the crazy part is – I can’t see myself slowing. Kae, Serious and I collectively trotted around Rochester. Montreal. Detroit. NYC. And Vancouver. In addition to hitting almost every local record fair and store in our own town. Repeatedly. In short, it was a great vinyl year. And next year promises to bring more Cratery related madness. More content. More mixes. And a brand new Cratery monthly: The first Saturday of every month at Red Light (1185 Dundas st. W). Catch KaewonderSerious and I lugging our crates down to our monthly vinyl celebration starting Saturday, January 8th. In the meantime, light one up and download our final mix of the year, featuring some of the 2010 finds we haven’t dropped on any Cratery yet. Enjoy.” – ARCEE

1.Unlimited Touch/Searching to find the one
2.Cloud One/Dust to Dust
3.Sergio Mendes/Righteous Life
4.Gloria Loring/Darkness, Darkness
5.Black Velvet/Just came back
6.Ed Lincoln/Assim Nao Da
8.Simon Park Interlude
9.The Nite-Liters/Nothing
10. Vortex/Black Box Disco
11. Rene Perno/Love Dream
12. Eugene McDaniels/Headless Heroes
13. Roger Simard/Vein Turner
14. Jono Pelicio/Jono’s Vision
15. Mikis Theodorakis/On the streets
16. The Poppy Family/No blood in bone

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