CRATERY 23c : Sipreano

When we’re sharing an hour of music among 3-4 DJ’s, each of us ends up only playing 3-4 songs each. For both our guests this month, 1 hour was simply not enough to share the jewels they had each selected. Both came equipped with stacks sufficient for several hours worth of high-priced vinyl nerdery. And we certainly had no reason to object. Sip, Kae and I happily genre-hop for another hour between French-Canadian breakbeats (Lee Gagnon), Gritty Gospel sounds (Rance Allen) and Boogie artists with puns in their names (Special-T). Cratery 23C featuring Sipreano. Enjoy.

MILDY INTERESTING CRATERY 23 FACTOID: The roti pictured in the artwork comes courtesy of Ali’s Roti Shop in Parkdale. Sipreano enjoys Roti. So do we. So we took a picture of it.” – ARCEE

1. Special-T/It’s your love
2. Ace Spectrum/Easy
3. Fantasy/Have you ever wondered
4. Simon Caine/High Executioner
5. The Mad Lads/I forgot to be your lover
6. Bob Boyer/We got the power
7. Harlem River Drive/Idle Hands
9. Ken Hewitt/Midnight in Montreal
10. Rance Allen Group/If I could make the world better
11. Lee Gagnon/Jalousie
12. Living Color/Plastic People
13. David McCallum/House of Mirrors
14. Ungava/Gorgo
15. Wayne St. John/Two Can Play
16. Father’s Children/Hollywood Dreaming
17. Jay W. McGee – When we Party (Uptown Downtown)

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