CRATERY 23d : Jason Palma

Cratery 23D marks the final chapter in our four-part Cratery extravaganza. Jason Palma shares more heaters with Kae, Serious and I to close our end of year crate-a-thon. We mentioned Play De. And Higher Ground radio. But you can also catch Palma as part of the Footprints gang banging that afro jazzy goodness year round. Short on length. Long on soul. Cratery 23D featuring Jason Palma. Enjoy. – ARCEE

1. The Players Association/Moon in Pisces
2. Sonny Pearson/Senso Unico
3. S.O.U.L./Love, Peace and Power
4. The Frank Derrick Total Experience/No Jive
5. Maneige/Les Petoncles
6. Bruce Clarke and Maryan Kenyon/Djerba
7. Abaco Dream/Cat Woman
8. Clarence Smith – Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child

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