CRATERY 23b : Jason Palma

“Part 2 of our 4-part Cratery continues with one of T.O.’s foremost record aficionados and cool peoples:Jason Palma. Co-owner of Toronto’s vinyl institution, Play de Record. Bump-N-Hustle alumni. And host/creator of Higher Ground radio on CIUT 89.5 FM every Thursday night at 8 pm. It doesn’t matter if he’s selling you a piece of heat. Killing dancefloors around the city. Or blessing the airwaves with the latest. The one thing Jason Palma continues to do so well: PUT YOU ON TO DOPE MUSIC. We at Cratery are no exception. Cratery 23B featuring Jason Palma. Enjoy.

MILDLY INTERESTING CRATERY 23 FACTOID: Both Sipreano and Palma played versions of the song “It was a very good year”. Sip went for Art Snider’s instrumental rendition. And Palma drew for Della Reese’s funky big band 45. Not gonna lie. Record-wise, it was a very good year.” – ARCEE


1. Barbara and Brenda/That’s when you’ve got soul
2. Jay and Cathy’s Clowns/The Bottle
3. Gary Bartz/Drinking Song
4. Milton Hamilton/We have all the time
5. Sonya Spence/Let love flow on
6. Gloria Scott/That’s what you say
7. Marchal/Soleil de ma vie
8. Spacy – Dancer
9. Prince Billy Mahdi Wright/Summer Love
10. Cane and Able/Found a Child
11. Willie Hutch/Ain’t that (Mellow, Mellow)
12. Archie Whitewater/Hulk
13. Della Reese/It was a very good year

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  1. FunkWell2001 Avatar

    One of the coolest sets I’ve heard. PERIOD. FuNkAy

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