CRATERY 22 : Jake One

This month, we trade treats with one of hip-hop’s premier producers and a dude I am proud to call a close personal hommrade (part hommie, part comrade): Jake One. A few of you (maybe like 3) might be familiar with some music I did with Jake back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.  Most of you will probably know him from the countless other artists he’s actually had success with: Freeway, De La Soul, 50 Cent, MF Doom and more. As ½ of the Conmen, he built arguably the most well crafted break tape series of all-time.  And inspired fellow music nerds like myself and Kaewonder in the process. Jake was in town judging the Sound Battle T.O. finals on Friday night. He only played records he purchased during his visit to Toronto. So to be fair, this is nowhere near the scope of his personal collection. Shout out to Attic, MoSS , Taktiks for bearing witness to it all. Another hour of soul, boogie, rock and a Cuban version of Herb Alpert’s Rise. Cratery 22 featuring Jake One. Enjoy. – ARCEE

“The information’s classified….”
Jake One, from “The Masters”

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