CRATERY 21 : David Bay

Very little is known about Toronto record aficionado David Bay. David’s undocumented rise to infamy is based on the records he has procured through countless online portals, particularly eBay – earning him the nickname dBay. Bay, is in fact, not even his last name (I’m starting to question the accuracy of “David” as well). Despite his ridiculously low profile, the hommie Kaewonder and I have both ‘worked’ with Bay to secure particularly elusive vinyl pieces over the years.  When we asked David to participate in this month’s Cratery, he refused. But after bribing him with a pair of shoelaces, a pineapple coconut bun from a Chinese Bakery and his 19th copy of Toto’s 1978 self-titled LP, he agreed.  We’d tell you where to find him.  But you’d probably have a better chance of finding a Stark Reality for $1 at Cosmos. We give you Cratery 21, featuring the ever-elusive David Bay (dBay). Enjoy.” – ARCEE


1. Al Green “Strong as Death”
2. Checkmates LTD “I must be dreaming”
3. Eddie Simpson “Big Black Funky Slave”
4. Dawson Smith “I don’t know if I can make it”
5. Amral’s Trinidad Cavalliers “Oye Come Va”
6. Pete Scofield and the Canadians “Do something nice today”
7. Buddy Rich “Nuttville”
8. Ed Maciel “Festa”
9. Julian Priester “Love, Love”
10. Olympic Runners “Do it Over”
11. Czerwone Gitary “Coda”
12. Sweet Promise “Funky Jungle”
13. New Birth Disco “K-Jee”
14. Deodato “Keep it in the family”
16. Esther Williams “You gotta let me show you”
17. Asha Puthli “Right down here”
18. Carla Bley “Dining Alone”

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