CRATERY 20 : Alister Johnson

Alister Johnson AKA Catalist
Toronto is full of vinyl nerds. And Cratery gives us the opportunity to connect with some of our favourites. Alister Johnson aka Catalist is DJ, producer and all-around good guy with a shitload of records. Between touring with Grand Analog and composing music for film and television, who knows when Alister finds the time to line his shelves with upper echelon heatery like Alice Clark and Lennie Hibbert. But I’m not going to ask how. I’m just going to ask which stores. Thank you to Alister, Serious, Heist and the reluctant heartthrob Kaeweezy for making our 20th Cratery another hour of fucking awesomeness.

1. Merryweather & Carey “Five Days on the trail”
2. Mel Brown “Time for a Change”
3. Food “No”
4. Alice Clark “Charms of the arms of love”
5. Lou Rawls “When love goes wrong”
6. 10 Top Hits “Sunshine of your love”
7. Matumbi “Law of the Land”
8. Ann Peebles “The Handwriting is on the Wall”
9. Lennie Hibbert “Rose Len”
10. Grasslands “Black Blood”
11. Bobby Bland “Dear Bobby”
12. Clarence Reid “I’ve been trying”
13. Sunny Bradshaw “Sunny”
14. Johnny Osbourne “Love makes the world go round”
15. Harnell “Concerto in F”
16. The Spirit of Atlanta “Messin’ Around”
17. Saracho “Senor Baker”
18. Charles Earland “Kungfusion”

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