“And we’re back. Almost a year and a half into our monthly dig diary with no signs of slowing. This month, the hommie Kaewonder and I return with a genre-bending hour of Caribbean Funk, Sweet Soul, Folk-Psych, Spiritual Jazz and Brazilian Rock. None of which we downloaded off the Internet. But hey, that shouldn’t stop you. Cratery 16. Enjoy.” – ARCEE

1. Boris Gardiner – Melting Pot
2. The Gaylords of Dominica – Wicked World Outside
3. Johnny Clarke – Declaration of Rights
4. Soul Explosion Band – Captivity
5. Billy Stewart – Cross my Heart
6. Shades of Brown – Garbage Man
7. Freddie Robinson – Smoking
8. Blue Mitchell – Collision in Black
9. Earth Wind and Fire – Bad Tune
10. Doug Carn – Higher Ground
11. Roy Ayers Ubiquity – A Tear to a Smile
12. Volker Kriegel – Mindwell
13. Pete Jolly – Springs
14. Pride – A Home
15. Glass Prism – Extention 68
16. *Unlisted*
17. Funkadelic – I’ll Stay

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