“And we’re back. Almost a year and a half into our monthly dig diary with no signs of slowing. This month, the hommie Kaewonder and I return with a genre-bending hour of Caribbean Funk, Sweet Soul, Folk-Psych, Spiritual Jazz and Brazilian Rock. None of which we downloaded off the Internet. But hey, that shouldn’t stop you. Cratery 16. Enjoy.” – ARCEE

1. Boris Gardiner – Melting Pot
2. The Gaylords of Dominica – Wicked World Outside
3. Johnny Clarke – Declaration of Rights
4. Soul Explosion Band – Captivity
5. Billy Stewart – Cross my Heart
6. Shades of Brown – Garbage Man
7. Freddie Robinson – Smoking
8. Blue Mitchell – Collision in Black
9. Earth Wind and Fire – Bad Tune
10. Doug Carn – Higher Ground
11. Roy Ayers Ubiquity – A Tear to a Smile
12. Volker Kriegel – Mindwell
13. Pete Jolly – Springs
14. Pride – A Home
15. Glass Prism – Extention 68
16. *Unlisted*
17. Funkadelic – I’ll Stay

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One response to “CRATERY 16”

  1. FunkWell2001 Avatar

    what you all do is miraculous, thanks so much for putting us in the know. Your work is more than greatly appreciated. Soul,….thank you

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