“Cratery thirteen. As is quite often the case with Cratery, we go all over the map with a variety of heat . Starting off with the straight boom bap of Cuba Instrumentals face-scruncher “Quema”, to Barbara & Ernie’s blissed-out “For You”. From Common (People) records, to Saverage White Band (no, that is not a typo) we don’t sleep, nor do we hate or discriminate. We just play full-length songs from our respective record collections and hope you guys enjoy it.” – Kaewonder


1-Cuba Instrumental – Quema
2-Stereo Discotheque – Malaria Fever
3-Brain Auger’s Oblivion Express – voices of other Times
4-Pink Panther – Here’s Lookin at you, kid
5-Jim & Dale – Past The State Mind
6-Osmosis – Adrift
7-The Common People – I have been alone
8-Jean-Pierre-Ferland – Le Chat du cafe des Artistes
9-Madelaine Bell – I Wanna be Around
10-Betty Wright – I Love The Way You Love
11-Jerry Butler – never gonna give you up
12-Roy Ayers – Giving Love
13-Barbara & Ernie – For You
14-Womb – Evil People”
15-Sunshine On – Mañana
16-Saverage White Band – A star in the ghetto

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