CRATERY 11: The Savittarians

Kae and I are both Sagittarians with savage qualities. Qualities which I won’t mention here – but definitely the kind worthy of celebrating. Cratery 11 coincides with both of our birthdays in the final week of November. So we thought it might be fitting to pull out 11 personal favourites each – records that we like a little more than we ought to, for whatever reason – and share them with y’all. Kae had the idea of highlighting the stories behind our selections, so we’ve included them in this month’s tracklist (You can find an extended version of the tracklist at Some are joints we fell in love with when we first started diggin’. Some are oddities passed on by our peers. And others remind us of how inventive hip-hop can be. We give you Cratery 11. Enjoy.

1. AR: Minnie Riperton “Every time he comes around”
Probably my favourite Minnie Riperton joint.

2. KAE: David Axelrod “A Divine Image”
This LP was always considered a “grail” when I was coming up digging, and as herbed-out as that seems in hindsight , I’ve always felt as though that was a rightful title.

3. AR: Gil Scot Heron “Lady Day and John Coltrane”
I play this when it rains. This joint is like every shade of grey.

4. KAE: Donald Byrd “Wind Parade”
I got my start looking for records that were used on my favorite rap records. Plus, this joint has been a classic from the moment it came out.

5. AR: Marvin Gaye/Life is for learning
I always have a new favourite Marvin joint. Follow the bass player on this one.

6. KAE: The Reflections “(She’s my) Summer Breeze”
The string/bassline interplay on this is incredible. Produced by Mr. “Just Me & You” himself, J.R. Bailey, which explains why the string arrangement is so fire.

7. AR: Leroy Hutson “I think I’m falling in love”
Got caught trying to steal this, years ago in Detroit. I don’t steal records any more.

8. KAE: Milton Wright “Get no loving tonight”
This was one of the joints that really stuck with me when I first heard it, and changed my perception of post-’74 soul. There’s something really soulful, but kinda eerie about it, on some ARP shit.

9. AR: James Brown “You Mother You”
Tribe, Main Source, Pete Rock, Brand Nubian and Biz all enjoyed this JB album. So do I.

10. KAE: Mock Duck “Do Re Mi”
One of my top 10 psych joints EVER. Extra points for being from my place of birth(Vancity!).

11. AR: Cymande “The Recluse”
One of the first albums I was geeked on finding. I play this song more than “Brothers on the Slide”.

12. KAE: Silhouettes “Fonky First”
Got a package in the mail and opened it to find one my most sought-after LP’s (no eBay): this one.

13. AR: Donovan “Get thy Bearings”
I love this record because it speaks to the genius of Biz’s digging.

14. KAE: Jean-Jacques Perry “E.V.A”
Got this record from legendary dealer Ty Scammell out in Vancouver at “For The Record” in the flea market for $25. This shit still knocks as hard as the day I first heard it.

15. AR: Little Beaver “Let the good times roll”
Little Beaver is the master of partying below 80 bpm. And his name is Little Beaver.

16. KAE: Alain Clavier “Metadata”
Fuzzed out, weird, disturbing (distressed female vocals, anyone?), and straight-up DUSTED, “Musique Pour NFB” is not only rare, but an esteemed artifact of Canada’s spirited electronic music history.

17. AR: Tania Maria “Come with me”
One of the first records that convinced to me start digging in the 80’s section.

18. KAE: Cortex “Huit Octobre 1971″
Absolutely stunning. This song completely slays in everyway possible. The Fender Rhodes and synth tones are dope & all, but I’ve always felt as though the drummer on this record is bananas.

19. AR: Bobbi Humphrey “Fancy Dancer”
I’ve been going hard on some Mizell Brothers lately. This one had to come back out.

20. KAE: Bayete (Todd Cochran) “Free Angela (Thoughts and all I’ve got to say)”
Some know this record being the basis for Jay Electronica’s “Dear Moleskine”, but I ride for the previous De La usage (“Sunshine” from “Stakes Is High”).

21. AR: Patrice Rushen “Remind me”
Quintessential “AR Music”. A classic.

22. KAE: Hodges,James & Smith “Sexy ways”
I remember my homegirl Anousheh playing this at a half-price sale I was at. I was like “damn, that’s kinda fire” and did the old “remember-that-cover” game. 20th Century records always had that sound.

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