More Cratery Baby. My mans Kaewonder and I have successfully managed to run our monthly dig diary for 10 months without running out of records. I’d say that kind of dedication is worth something awesome – like another free hour of funk on us. Cratery 10 starts off with some Modern Soul/Boogie bangers: some of my fav’s, including Webster Lewis’ “You are my life” and Eugene Record’s “Fan the Fire”. By the end, you should be bopping to Curtis Mayfield’s 5 Stairsteps, the tripped out sounds of Stouffville Grit and the blue eyed soul of Jim Capaldi’s “Wild Dogs”(which some of you will undoubtedly recognize). Big up Acesix and Mr. Attic who joined us on our mini digging mission over the weekend. NEXT MONTH: Kae and I both celebrate our birthdays. Cratery 11 promises to either be a sick ass hour of funk or a drunken disaster. I vote for both.

1. Webster Lewis – You are my life
2. Kleeer – I Love to dance
3. Brainstorm – Wake up and be somebody
4. Bruton Music – Motion 3
5. Eugene Record – Fan the fire
6. Skyy – Call me
7. Komiko -Feel Alright
8. The Nite-Liters -I’ve got my dreams to Remember
9. 5 Stairsteps & Cubie – Love’s Happening
10. Stouffville Grit – Diana by the Sea
11. The Keef Hartley Band – Imitations from Home
12. Little Boy Blues Band – Seed of Love
13.Jane Birkin – Jane B
14. Guy Pedersen – Christopher Columbus
15. Egg – Germ Patrol
16. Jim Capaldi – Wild dogs

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