CRATERY 8a : Skratch Bastid

CRATERY 8a f/ Skratch Bastid a.k.a Eightery
You would not believe the hard work that goes into getting drunk, smoked out and playing premium musical selections for your listening pleasure on a monthly basis.
This month, Kaewonder and I were lucky enough secure Montreal DJ and record aficionado Skratch Bastid simply by forcing him to play records at gunpoint. He was surprisingly agreeable after only a few minutes of violent threats. We joke about the whole gun thing now. He laughs at it too. Bastid’s love for all music is evident on his recently completed 110% mix, which you can also peep on From Norweigan Psych to Sesame Street Funk, we give you Cratery 8: Eightery. Enjoy. And be sure to look out for our exclusive add-on – Cratery 8.5: Mo 45’s Coming Soon!!

1. LeRoy Hutson – Never know what you can do
2. 9th Creation – Quit it
3. Travis Biggs – Tibetan Serenity
4. Dizzy Gillespie and Lalo Schifrin -The Last Strike at Midnight
5. Bunky Green – Chillon
6. Kin Ping Meh – Livable Ways
7. Jukka Tolonen – Northern Lights
8. Titanic – Love is Love
9. Embryo – Music of Today
10. King Errison – Listen to the Music
11. Marlena Shaw – Say a good word
12. Super Hits – Running Away
13. Sesame Street – I’m gonna love you just a little more, babe
14. Jimmy Smith – I’m gonna love you just a little more, babe
15. Professor Lett and Study – Green Power

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