CRATERY 7: Sub. Gluttony

“A busted amp and a broken car engine led myself and the hommie Kaewonder from the heart of Queen West to the outskirts of Sauga Sec on this month’s edition of Cratery. My neck of the woods, people. Big up Butch and Tink from The Rockbox – the same studio where Marvel and I recorded the entire Covert Ops project – which incidentally is being mixed right now (shout out to Scam). If there’s a theme this month, I can’t see it. From harp funk to flute rock, sweet soul, 45’s and break beats, this is good old fashioned music nerdery at its finest. The gluttony? Going in on Tiger beers and Little Caesars crazy bread. It’s amazing what city folk get hype on when they come out to the ‘burbs. Heist waddup!!!!!!! Attic I see you hommie!!!! If gluttony ain’t the 7th sin, let’s just pretend it is, so it works with our theme. – ARCEE”

1. Ray Draper – Let my people go
2. Gal Costa – Se voce pensa
3. Deirdre Wilson Tabac – Get back
4. If – Fly fly the route, shoot
5. Moonshade – Heavy Lace
6. Willie Hutch – A love that’s worth having
7. Dorothy Ashby – Joyful grass & grape
8. Brothers By Choice – Baby, you really got me going
9. Solomon Burke – Thanks, I needed that
10. The Endeavours – Sexy Woman
11. The Three Pieces – Backed up against the wall
12. Sir Mack Rice – Dark Skin Woman pt. 1
13. Pretty Things – Cries from the midnight circus
14. Crow – Gonna leave a mark
15. Marcus Belgrave – Space odyssey
16. Bob James – Love power

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