Over the years, self-indulgent record collectors have made a habit of promoting the rare over the good. The imitators over the originators. And of course, the expensive over the cheap. And the But the good people at Cratery (read: us) know where the heat is at. We give you Dollarate (from root word “Dollaration”), our cure for boutique store prices and your guide to recession friendly digging. All the records featured on this month’s Cratery are theoretically records you should be able to find for under $10. Except Boz Scaggs, which is pretty much impossible.

If you’re in the Toronto area, make sure you check me and my mans Kaewonder this Friday at Revival for a live Cratery set at The Main Ingredient. 783 College.

1. David Shire – Books and Basketball
2. David Bendeth – Feel the Real (LP Version)
3. Heatwave – Send out for sunshine
4. Grover Washington – Knucklehead
5. Boz Scaggs – Hercules
6. Wonderland Orchestra – 2001
7. Rhythm Heritage – Theme from Baretta
8. The Elephant – Do what you love
9. 21 Guitar Hits – Scorpio
10. Paul Horn – Too High
11. Gap Mangione – Love J.A.M
12. Kenny Rankin – Bad times make you strong
13. Herb Ota – Feelings
14. Nancy Wilson – Ain’t no sunshine
15. Bobby Womack – Woman’s gotta have it
16. Butterfield blues band – No amount of lovin’
17. Peter Green – Just for you
18. Chartbusters – The message
19. One Way – Get it over

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One response to “CRATERY 6: DOLLARATE!”

  1. FunkWell2001 Avatar

    Love your Dollarate styles,.. you all sure know where the heat is and I thank you for sharing as you all do!….1

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