CRATERY 4 : Mr. Attic

Our mans Mr. Attic of Grassroots fame, aka Pee, joins us this month on Cratery to share some gems from what he refuses to admit is a legendary collection. Sorry Pee, but your shit is bananas. Cats like me are still pulling out Charles Wright in ‘09 . If you’re not up on game, Attic is the beat man behind Toronto classics like E-Z on the motion, Ol’ Time Killin’, Postal Work, Body Language, Drama, Rise Up and countless others. Only one problem. You might say certain ‘festivities’ prevented us from taking note of this month’s tracklist at the time of recording. So instead we’ve provided a summary of the evening’s events by track. Shouts to Blaz and Clif on the pass through.

1. Steigls all around.
2. Did you say Heineken tall boy?
3. A single chocolate phillie is removed from its wrapper.
4. The most interesting man in the room cracks a Dos Equis.
5. Corona, no lime.
6. Ayo, dun spark the phillie.
7. The traditional effects of marijuana begin to set in.
8. I’m going out for a cigarette. Don’t play anything dope.
9. This Eddie Drennon joint is classic.
10. The Blas Outro.
11. Who else wants another tall boy?
12. WTF IS THIS?????????????
13. WTF IS THIS PART TWO????????????
14. I’m not dreaming. That really is another chocolate phillie.
15. Oh word? Never heard this version before.
16. I officially bow down to the Attic crates.
17. Don’t know why I played this.
18. Rick James bitch.

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