CRATERY 3: 45’s (part 1)

“I love 45’s. Not because they’re funky. Not because they’re full of unreleased b-sides. Not because they never seem to run out. But because they’re tiny little records. How can you not love a tiny little record? Kaewonder and I pull out some of our favourite finds, old and new, on our first all 45 edition of Cratery. As always, the odd numbers are moi and the even numbers are Kae. Recent finds include The Master Plan’s “Clinton Park” and a crazy version of “Wanna be where you are” by Zulema. Yes, Zulema. All 45’s. All heat. Cratery III people. Enjoy.”

1. Zulema – Wanna be where you are
2. Jerry Washington – I come a long ways
3. The Master Plan – Clinton Park
4. Maceo & All The Kings Men – Got to getcha
5. Earles inc. – Close to you
6. B.W. Souls – Marvin’s Groove
7. Bobby Byrd – Sayin’ it and doin’ it are two different things
8. Donald Austin – Crazy Legs” (instrumental)
9. The 8th Day – It’s instrumental to be free
10. The Sylvers – Stay away from me
11. Johnny Griffith inc. – Love is just a word
12. Iron Force – Sweet Poison
13. The Fabolous Counts – Lunar Funk
14. The New Birth – Patiently
15. Juice – Walk on by
16. Brook Benton – Gimme little sign
17. Sir Wales Wallace – What Ever You Want
18. Lee Hurst – Saturdays Wild
19. Dynamic Corvettes – Funky Music Is the thing (part 2)
20. James Brown – The Drunk
21. Dyke & the Blazers – We got more soul
21. Camille Bob – 2 weeks, 2 days, too long

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