If I’m all I’m doing is looking for joints familiar to blogs and boutique record shops, I’m not really on my grizzly. I just can’t walk into the average record store hoping to find a copy of 24 Carat Black or Sabu Martinez. Cause I’ll constantly be disappointed. But if buy based on what they have, instead of what they don’t have, I might end up with a couple selections that most cats miss. Case in point: Jerry Butler’s “Power of Love”. Not a hard record. But a record you don’t really hear about. I wouldn’t have given Terri Rae’s “Raining, it’s raining” a second look until the hommie Kaewonder put me up on the cover. And while Labelle’s first album is known primarily for the soul classic “Moon Shadow”, everyone sleeps on the closing track, “People say they’re changing”. That new heat might lurking in the dollar bin, behind a crappy cover or in your own crate. Or in your case, the link below.


  1. The Nite-Liters – Funky Vamp
  2. Notations – Superpeople
  3. Jerry Butler – Power of Love
  4. T.C.B. – Today’s Promises are Yesterday’s Echoes
  5. Stone the Crows – Friend
  6. Manfred Mann – One Way Glass
  7. Sugar Loaf/Jerry Corbetta – Wild Child
  8. Riot – Just Beyond
  9. Juan Pablo Torres – Pastel En Descarga
  10. Dom Salvador – Som, Sangue & Raca
  11. The Rimshots – I wanna be myself
  12. Jean Knight – Do Me
  13. Bobby Rush – Chicken Heads
  14. The Rock featuring Jo Anne Garrett – (Charlie, Brother) We got to love one another
  15. The Brothers and Sisters – Nobody is gonna turn us ‘round
  16. Bo Diddley – Go for broke
  17. Labelle – People say they’re changing
  18. Terri Rae – Raining, it’s raining

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