Aiight people. I’ve been toying with the idea of monthly dig diary for a minute now. A dig diary ain’t nothing but a fancy name for a bunch of songs played in succession and documented in a conveniently downloadable format for your listening pleasure. Basically, I felt it was finally time to give my record-digging addiction a purpose. So I connected with my mans Kaewonder from to provide a glimpse into the collections of two hip hop heads with a love for soul, funk, psych, jazz (yes, jazz, don’t hate on jazz). Be forewarned. This ain’t only about who sampled what. We love this music shit too much to confine ourselves to that. 1 hour of straight playable heat. Original vinyl only. And we ain’t scared to let off the tracklist either. We give you Cratery, Volume 1. -ARCEE


  1. You made a believer out of me/Ruby Andrews
  2. For what it’s worth/Sergio Mendes and Brasil ‘66
  3. Born under a bad sign/Ellen McIlwaine
  4. Hide yourself away/Robison Kaplin Limited
  5. Sea of tranquility/The Chosen Few
  6. Black Fox/Monk Higgins
  7. Let the feeling belong (to the one who turns you on)/James Gadson
  8. Love to hate/Freddie North
  9. Can’t see my way/Erma Franklin
  10. (Oh No) Not the beast/Marsha Hunt
  11. Agnes/Skorpio
  12. Dealing with hard times/Richard Evans
  13. You got to be the one/Maryann Farra and Satin Soul
  14. I gotta get next to you/Shirley and Co.
  15. It’ll all come around/Patsy Gallant
  16. Super fine from behind lady/Cleveland Wrecking Co.
  17. Too High/Hugo Montenegro
  18. Dreamin’/Gianni Oddi
  19. Tune Up/Andy Bey

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One response to “CRATERY 1”

  1. Adrian Chan Avatar
    Adrian Chan

    Thank You for doing this.

    I really enjoy these podcast and as a young DJ living in Toronto who loves digging for music. This is very inspiring.

    Thank you

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